My name is Floor Hickmann

A creative engineer

blogger @ Frankwatching

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I work 3+ years as a

User Experience Designer

I like to make ideas

tangible & logical

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I understand how to create meaningful products which people love to use

by studying

Industrial Design & Engineering

MSc Design for Interaction

at Delft University of Technology

The design of objects is no longer restricted to form, function, material and production.

Conceptual product design focuses on:

a user-centered design approach, a variety of qualitative and quantitative research and data gathering approaches, and visualisation techniques such as sketching, imaging and prototyping.

Design Approach

As a designer I like to work in multi-disciplinary teams to create new innovative concepts.

I consider myself T-shaped.

I work in the following fields:

Design research

Consumer insights

A fresh and not-yet obvious understanding of customer beliefs, values, habits, desires, motives, emotions or needs that can become the basis for a competitive advantage.

latent needs

Elicit latent human needs by contextmapping


Qualitative research


cultural probes


(creative) focusgroups

Quantitative research

(google) analytics

quantitative research

And many more:

online surveys, shadow customers, contextual interviews, experience it yourself, one day in a life, ...

Business innovation

Design thinking

The human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success.

Strategic management

Corporations and their employees have their very individual reasons for doing what they do even though it might result in bad service.


Business model canvas

business model canvas

Future scenarios

future scenarios

Customer journey

customer journey

And many more:

stakeholders map, personas, empathy map, design scenarios, what if, storytelling, ...

Service Design & Test


Service Design helps to innovate or improve services to make them more useful, usable, desirable for clients and efficient as well as effective for organisations. It is a holistic, multi-disciplinary, integrative field.

design squiggle tools

Idea generation tools & co-creation

idea generation tools

Interaction Design

design iterations

Art Direction


Quick prototype

Agile development

Test with users

visualize all outcomes & connect

Visualizing helps me thinking and communicating. The way and elaboration of the visual depends on the moment in the process and the goal.




Video clip


Storyboard, scenario

any form

Any form, as long as it communicates

I am:

v a good communicator

A good communicator

v Eager to learn, experiment and develop

Eager to learn, experiment and develop

v Flexible & autonomous

Flexible & autonomous

v Capable of dealing with ambiguity

Capable of dealing with ambiguity








Interaction Design


My view on creativity

I am always eager to learn more about creativity. This is based on my experience and on creative geniuses I like. Feel free to send me inspiration!

Creativity is often a process of drawing analogies between one body of knowledge and another.

If you have the same experience-bag as everyone else, you will make the same connections as everyone else.


Work with open-minded people who are willing to share ideas. It is important to work in a group where are no einzelgangers, jealous people or big ego’s. It doesn’t matter who comes up with an idea. Leave status behind. Like and trust the people you are working with. Use the power of each others associations, continue with each others thoughs and think along.

Dare to be vulnerable

Be confident about your skills but be open for feedback and show your insecurity about the unkown. Create feedback moments while you are working. Only then you can grow as a group to a higher level. In the end pride and shame are close to each other. The biggest uncertainties can lead to the biggest pride. Don’t be scared to fail. Fear is the biggest danger of creativity.

Create deadlines (closed modus)

Work in deadlines. It gives you the urge to converge and gives you REST to take a certain amount of time to diverge, to let your mind go. It forces you to kill your darlings. Leave out the unnecessary. Getting things done. Even though there is no external deadline, create personal deadlines all the time, which can also be just an hour to complete a task. Work as much as possible in time blocks without too much interference. Plan your life around these ‘flows’ of work.

Let your mind go (open modus)

Put your mind in a non-pressure state after getting input. Create a relaxed, playful and less purposeful context. Take short breaks while you are working. Take a shower or go bicycling. Give your mind as long as possible to come up with something original. Be comfortable with indecision.

Get AWAY from your computer and try to make your process tangible, use your hands as much as possible although some processes are abstract.

Multi - disciplined

Be interested in diverse creative disciplines and connect. People ask me always what I design. I designed: furniture, clothing, websites, buildings, electronical products, services, bags, shoes, jewelry, experiences, spaces... I love all creative disciplines where people put their passion in, like dancing, writing and music.

There is a lot of overlap in the process of all disciplines and therefore it is important to learn form all fields. Furthermore, the combination of different fields or expertises lead lots of times to new innovative ideas: put different people together.

Steal from geniuses

First, find your heroes. Always look for people or groups where you can learn from. Copy their way of working and thinking. Not to duplicate, but to try and to find your own way. Bands play covers, designers draw fonts, some writers even overwrite beststellers. Learn their handicraft and improve yourself.

I believe in the power of combining left and right brain.

I am an engineer.

I like mathematics. I analyze. I am logic. I categorize. I am strategic. Always in control. Writer and speaker. I plan deadlines.

I am realistic



I am an artist.

I love colors. I paint, I draw, I sculpture. I like shapes. I studied photography at the Photo Academy Amsterdam. I film. I am a musician, I love to play cello and piano.

I dream



I took this portrait of Mary Schreinemacher, my friend

My dreams


Always be part of an inspiring creative team;
a start-up or a bigger design-agency

Never stop learning


Design and research around the world. Have positive impact by design. Travel everywhere

Never stop exploring


Help people in less developed countries. Design for social impact. Not everything is about money

Never stop caring

Please contact me if we can mean something for each other

All images on this website I have drawn